Most of the people think that weight loss is a difficult fitness goal but if your concern about your fitness goal then you easily achieve your fitness goal so let us talk about some weight loss tips.

So here I  tell you about weight loss tips which you can easily achieve your fitness goal.


      Let us talk about weight loss I will tell you the 11 weight loss tips which help you for weight loss So first you have to calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate) so basically, bmr is the energy required by the body in the rest state.

BMR totally depends upon WEIGHT, HEIGHT, AGE and if your bmr is high then its good it means you are healthy so let me tell you how to calculate bmr

BMR  calculation formula by harris bandict

MEN: 66.47+13.75(weight in kg)+5(height in cms)-6.8(age in years )                      WOMEN:66.5+9.6(weight in kg)+1.8(height in cms)-4.7(age in years)  so by this equation you calculate your bmr for women or men . after calculate your bmr you calculate total calories in a day now we will calculate total calories.          If anybody weight:80kg    age:24years   height:173cms   fat%14       so the total calories is:  1868    so this is the right way to calculate bmr.


Now the calculated calories divide into EFFECTIVE meals it means every 3 hours you have to eat a good and healthy food which is good for you. let us talk about why you eat 6 meals a day here is a big reason because your metabolism should not be slow this is the big reason why I tell you to divide  calories into 6 meals make sure you have to eat every 3 hours because most of the people don’t eat in every 3 hours so if your fitness goal is weight loss you have to eat in every 3 hours and make sure never hold your body starvation mode this is the important rule of weight loss and this is also a very good weight loss tips do not hold your body on starvation mode keep your stomach full and eat healthy food which helps you for weight loss.


Now we talk about macro breakdown your macro breakdown means how much protein, fat, carbohydrates intake in a day so the macro breakdown is 30%protein, 20%fat and 50%carbohydrates. because macro breakdown is very important and also good for health so make sure your protein, fat, carbohydrates in this percentage I always suggest your macro breakdown is in this percentage.


Set up weight loss tips for your goals on weekly basis it means every week you loss weight at least 1-2 pound which is good enough so this is the step for weight loss every week you have to lose your weight if you lose your weight 1-2 pound every week then it means in 1month you loss 4-8 pounds and in 3months you loss 12-24 pound so it’s huge amount for weight loss don’t expect a lot off of amount for weight loss make sure your weight loss target is realistic don’t think too much loss weight in a week 1-2 pound is enough for a week to keep in mind if you lose weight quickly so this is not the right choice because something you lose quickly you gonna back quickly slowly you lose your weight so this the best option for weight loss.


Focus on eating 2-3 complex carbs in a day it means 3 times you will eat complex carbs and 3 times you don’t eat carbs that is the best way to lose weight so I will tell you how to divide your carbs into 3 meal let’s say you eat breakfast with carbs, snacks meal no carbs, lunch with carbs then snack no carb, dinner carbs and  before bed no carb you in these meals you can manage your carbohydrates that is the best weight loss tips and the best  way to lose weight these low carbs and no carbs meal will help you to achieve weight loss goal and why I add 3 complex carbs meal in a day because it gives you energy.

which is good for you your energy will maintain so guys if you follow these steps so everyone can achieve goal if you don’t know what is complex carbs so complex carbs means complex carbs is that carbs which don’t spike your insulin that’s why you eat only complex carbs in complex carbs you will eat  (brown rice, oats, sweet potato, brown pasta, and whole wheat chapati) these will help you to achieve your fitness goal.


When you loss weight so you have to eat green vegetables not only when you loss weight any fitness goal green vegetables is always you to stay fit because vegetable is good for digestion and it has fibre, vitamins and minerals so you must eat green vegetables and best thing is it helps you to for skin glow why I eat green vegetables because it full your stomach and it has not to much of calories so that’s why you should eat green vegetables and make sure 2 times you eat green vegetables before lunch and before bed because when you eat vegetables you don’t feel hungry so it helps you to loss weight.


Drink green tea 2-3 times a day because green tea is the healthiest drink in the world it has a lot of benefits it helps you to lose weight it boosts your metabolism it has antioxidants  green tea improve brain function and make you smarter these all are the benefits of green tea so make sure you have to drink green tea in between a meal after lunch and after evening snack this will help you to lose weight.


Do compound movements means so let us talk about compound exercises compound exercise which is help to lose weight and compound exercises are (barbell squats, standing calf raises, leg press, Haq squat, dumbbell lunges) these all are the exercise to help for weight loss why I suggest you compound exercises because compound exercise is good for health and also effective for weight loss and when you perform compound movements during weight loss so it means you burn calories and when you burn so it is good for you and the best part of compound movements is your blood will supply o your body it is good for you because blood carries amino acids, vitamins and minerals these nutrients and also you can do suer giant sets because it is very helpful for weight loss.


The last and best point positive mindset and discipline because if want to achieve a fitness goal either it is muscle building or weight loss any of the fitness goal you have maintain your discipline with the positive mindset and discipline you can achieve your fitness goal this is the most important tips for weight loss consistently you have to do workout and focus on your nutrition which helps you for weight loss. and these weight loss tips this will help you for weight loss.

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